Is your business spending more than it has to for its credit card processing?

You could be reducing your processing costs by as much as 90%. With MPX’s No Cost Processing program, customers pay a flat 3.99% fee whenever they pay with a card, eliminating your processing fees.

The only processing costs you pay are those to lease your terminal and for any necessary system applications.

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Available for most Clover Systems

The Clover Mini

Clover Mini

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The Clover Station

Clover Station

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The Clover Mini

Clover Flex

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The Clover Mobile

Clover Mobile

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Easily download the necessary “Cash Discount Offered Here!” app in the Clover App Market for just $20 a month.

MPX No Cost Processing can also be programmed into Pax and Poynt terminals.


Try it with no risk!

If you’re not satisfied with our No Cost Processing, we’ll switch your business back to our standard credit card processing model.

Pay zero processing fees.

  • Compatible with businesses of virtually any size and industry
  • Quick enrollment and easy setup
  • Always with MPX’s superior level of merchant support

No Cost Processing might be right for your business if:

  • You’d like to encourage cash payments from customers
  • Your business deals primarily in low-ticket sales
  • You’re a smaller operation looking to differentiate yourself from larger competitors