Is your business struggling because of a lack of working capital?

Do you need to make payroll, pay unpaid debt, purchase equipment or inventory but are short on cash? You may qualify for a merchant cash advance by MerchantPro Express.

Get the cash you need now in exchange for a percentage of your future credit card sales.

furture receivables
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    Funding not available for startups.

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    You must have been in business for 6 months.

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    You must have at least $5,000 monthly revenue.

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    You must own a percentage of your business.

Don't trust your personal and business information to just anyone. MPX is a recognized and trusted leader in credit card processing and Merchant Cash Advance. 


  1. MPX is a merchant-centric cash advance provider that is sincerely concerned about the success of our merchants' businesses
  2. MPX is one of the most reputable merchant cash advance and processing companies in the United States. We work hard to fully understand your business to assess your capital needs and craft the right Merchant Cash Advance program for your situation. 
  3. MPX is built on a culture of professionalism and customer service. We pride ourselves in being responsive, dedicated and loyal to our employees and our clients.
  4. Unlike most other MCA firms, MPX is self funded. Every advance is scrutinized and handled by our team of underwriting professionals with decades of combined experience in funding.

Common Reasons to Leverage Future Receivables

  • Cover payroll during slow periods
  • Take advantage of bulk inventory purchase discounts
  • Invest in new marketing and advertising strategies
  • Upgrade your equipment and technology
  • Update your workspace
  • Pay down outstanding bills
  • Remove the stress of seasonality and slow periods