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Join MerchantPro Express as a Part-time or Full-time Merchant Sales Agent 

Save your contacts money while earning a monthly commission

MPX is seeking Merchant Sales Agents as Part-Time and Full-Time Employees. Our Sales Agent recruitment strategy is simple: Find the very best people in the industry and offer them the best agent compensation plan in the marketplace, a straight-forward agent agreement with a competitive Schedule A, absolute transparency, and a limitless-income business partnership opportunity with MPX.

MPX typically provides savings of 25% – 50% on their customer's credit card processing expense  and is able to provide savings anywhere from $1,000 - $100,000 annually depending on the size of the business and the industry type.

With MPX, you can earn an income while helping contacts in your personal network save money on these expenses!

Download our Opportunity One-Sheet:

  • Find out how MerchantPro Express saves our clients money
  • Learn what Merchant Sales Agents do
  • See how commissions are paid with an example commission breakdown

For assistance please call MerchantPro Express at 888-333-1374 or email info@merchantproexpress.com.

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